"Starve a fever, feed a cold"

It's day 5, well actually night 5 and my son's fever finally broke. It is over. Thank God. Being that I am feeling a little bad now, at the onset of something viral, I refer to one of my "natural remedy" resources looking for an approach to combat this/my sicky thing, quite different from his.

During these past five days, as his temperature quickly increased, his appetite dramatically decreased. As the fever took flight...101...102...103...104.5 degrees, he ate less...and less...and less. We offered him "regular" meal amounts--rejected. Then offered only his "favorites"--rejected. Next, and painstakingly tired from all night "fever watches", at our urging, he pecked on food like a discerning little caged bird. Thinking "he has to eat something", finally, I spoon fed him just a few bites--poor little guy. Surprisingly, with very little food, and drinking a homemade concoction of lemon & honey, he was feverishly content...hot as hell, but OK, if you will.

Now, I've heard of the old wives tale "starve a fever, feed a cold". Have you? But not until this umpteenth time my son has had a fever, has its validity rang true. Here's why... [now] back to the reading of one of my "natural remedy" resources. Under "Fever" it reads "Diet: Keep food to a minimum, so that your child's energy is not used to digest food, but is free to fight the infection, and also to prevent "liver congestion".

Fevers can be considerably prolonged by giving much to eat. Even when the fever comes down and the appetite returns, it may be advisable for your child to avoid food for another 12 hours, unless there are signs of great weakness. However, a drink of honey and lemon in warm water may be given at all time during fevers."

So, there you have it, the "why" of "feed a cold and starve a fever" and our experience. I'm sold are you?.



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